How to use reflector 3

December 9, 2021 / Rating: 4.5 / Views: 857

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How to use reflector 3

Today, I've decided to share with you exactly what I use and how I do it as well! We're talking about the reflector 3 app, by airsquirrels.comSo many of you.

How To Use Reflector How To Record Your Phone.
As I was researching my upcoming webinar on VR, I needed to find a way to stream my i Phone screen, because there’s an application that controls the VR camera that only runs on i OS. NOTE: I first wrote this review using the trial version. Creating a still image of the i Phone screen is easy: press two of the side buttons; which two depends upon which version of i Phone you have. Then, when I realized that I really needed this software for my upcoming webinar, I bought it and replaced all my screen shots. After some research, I discovered Reflector 3, by Squirrels. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY“Reflector 3 is a wireless mirroring and streaming receiver that works with Google Cast and Airplay-enabled devices. Everything you do on your phone, tablet or computer can be wirelessly sent to Reflector.”While this software works great for streaming, it is actually part of a much larger set of software specifically designed for education, where a teacher can monitor what students are doing on their mobile devices, including: accessing and managing preferences, customizing student devices, recording device screens, connecting Chromebooks, Android devices, i Pads and i Phones and checking on student work. $14.99 (US) Squirrels provides a full-function 15-day free trial, which watermarks the image. GET STARTEDBoth the i Phone and the computer need to be on the same network. On the i Phone or i Pad, swipe to reveal the Control Center. Tap Screen Mirroring Tap the name of your computer. The software displays a code on your computer which you enter into your i OS device. Once the code is accepted, your i OS device is mirrored on your computer desktop. The actual image is quite large, filling most of the vertical space on the screen. RECORDING THE SCREENWhile I record my webinars using Screen Flow, from Telestream, sometimes you may need to record just the i Phone screen by itself. By clicking the red record button in the top right corner of the i Phone image on your computer, you can record the i Phone on your computer. This generates an MP4 video file which can be stored on your desktop. This is an ideal screen-capture utility because it uses the storage capacity of your computer, rather than your phone. NOTE: Once you end recording, Reflection 3 requires time to convert the file and save it. I found that, on my system, this takes about real time to export. Also, the camera icon, just to the left of the red record button, allows you to capture a screen shot directly to your computer, which greatly simplifies moving screen shots from an i Phone to a computer for articles such as this. Here’s the i Phone movie on the left, with the live stream overlaid on the right. (The trial version is watermarked.) The MP4 file can be edited in the NLE of your choice. The image size is big – 1792 x 1792 pixels – so you have plenty of resolution to work with. OTHER OPTIONSThere’s also a menu bar utility that displays all the devices connected to your computer via Reflection 3, while the gear menu allows access to preferences, software updates, and other options. SUMMARYSquirrels has a variety of software tools that allow different devices to connect and stream wirelessly. While I haven’t used Reflection 3 in one of my weekly webinars, that will change starting with this Thursday’s presentation. EXTRA CREDITHere’s a link to learn more about their educational versions: Reflector Teacher. So far, I’m very impressed with how easy Reflector 3 is to use and how well it works.

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